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Kelissa is energizing, engaging and inspiring. She's also funny. She’s the hottest new morning radio personality in the United States.

Atlanta's Inspirational Talk Radio  (Love860AM) has provided her the opportunity to inspire many people through radio  and she's not looking back.

Be sure to catch her Featured Guest every Thursday. Her guests are sought out from national, local and community figures who do great work. Kelissa will make you feel like you’re at home.  Tune in and hear her famous saying "Good Morning My Darlings!"  It's sure to satisfy your listening pleasure.

Here’s What People are Saying About the Show

“Kelissa is gifted with ability to motivate, inspire and transform through her talks. Her story of triumph is so uplifting and I would highly recommend to bring her in for your next event!”

Timothy Whitehead, Speaker of

“Being a featured guest on Kelissa in the Morning Show was one of the best moments of my life. Kelissa and her team did a fantastic job. I was pleased about how welcoming the experience was. She made me feel right at home. The preparation was amazing and she kept me in the loop. I really loved doing the show and would be more than welcoming to doing another 1 or 5!“

Isaac Moore Jr., Author/Youth Motivational Speaker

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Keynote Workshop Topics


Being able to let go and forgive is a learning process. Kelissa provides steps that will not only empower you and help you make healthier, wiser choices in your life, but also help you uncover a life full of renewed promises and endless possibilities.

Being trapped in a negative mindset can affect a person's physical health as well as the heart, mind and soul. Forgiving yourself and others releases feelings of hurt, pain, anger and resentment. It frees one from the mental prison of victimization.

Once you make the conscious decision to forgive, you will not only begin to take control of your life, you will have better experiences and attain peace and true joy.

As Kelissa says, "You are not a victim, You are and have always been the Victor". Choose to forgive, reclaim your destiny and follow where it takes you.


Kelissa can present on a variety of self-help topics related to child abuse and domestic violence. Some of her popular topics include:         Benefits of Having a Victim Mentality

  • Be OK with Not Being a Victim
  • Actively Take Responsibility for Your Life
  • Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude
  • Forgiveness is Beneficial for You
  • Give Value to NOW
  • Let it Go
  • Live on Purpose
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Behind Closed Doors 

Kelissa’s memoir documents an unforgettable account of one of the most extreme cases of child abuse. Behind Closed Doors is an autobiography of her life as an abused child and her exile from an Apostolic cult which dabbled in cruel exploitation of men, women and children.  Kelissa's penetrating tell-all story shares her courageous journey to reclaim her life.

 Mining For Success 7 Keys               To Achieving Any Goal or Dream 

Changing your mental dialogue during tough times is difficult. This workbook focuses on  changing the story you tell yourself. It is about the why and not the how. Kelissa wrote this self-help workbook to share her personal experiences of using the 7 keys successfully. They worked for her and she believes they can work for others who may find it hard to get results.

Divorced. Single mom. Homeless.

Not exactly a recipe for success is it? But that was me years ago.

To be honest, I wanted more but I often wondered who could help me?

It was as if I was invisible to me. I felt lonely, hopeless, depressed, confused and the list goes on. I was forced to change my perception because I was going to either sink or swim.

I made the necessary investments and changes to get more confidence, clarity and creativity in my life. Like many of you, I was craving a deep romantic


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Kelissa's Mission

Kelissa is a motivational speaker with a powerful and life-changing message. She has over 3 decades of executive business experience, leadership, and most importantly, life experience. She shares her life story as a way for her to heal past wounds and help others effectively overcome their current challenges. Through her inspirational messages she has already cultivated positive change in her audiences.

As a public speaker, her mission is to effectively educate, encourage and empower others in finding their victor and living a more abundant life.



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